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What The Internet Has Done To My Generation


I’m just going to go ahead and let this out of the box. For those of you who didn’t already know or couldn’t tell from my dangerously egotistical about me page, I am a twenty-something. Are you feeling sorry for me yet? If you aren’t, no worries—us twenty-somethings feel sorry enough for ourselves as it is. There’s lots out there on this topic. “Poor...

Where Does Creativity Begin?


Let’s start with a description of the modern creative person… Let’s call him Bubba. Bubba is inordinately emotional and he never finds the time to work on his projects, though to his friends they are the most prominent thing in his life. They think this because he talks about his creative dreams at all times and to their great annoyance, and every time he goes to bed at night...

Two Things That Make You Miserable


Let me start by telling you that I’m an expert. Not that I’m one of those science types who study happiness like they’re dissecting baby toads, which really does happen. No, I’m the sort of expert who has spent a great amount of life unhappy, wondering why that is, and ultimately stumbling on a couple solutions to the age old dilemma. It starts with identifying two big...