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What I’m Afraid Of

Lately things have felt different for me in my life. I think I’m struggling with depression again, as if depression were some kind of compulsion beyond my control. The truth is that people feel down sometimes and that’s normal. I am...


Adopt the Challenge Mindset

Ever heard of a game called SuperBetter? Game designer and researcher Jane McGonigal is the esteemed inventor of SuperBetter, a game she made at first to help her deal with suicidal ideation after an unfortunate bout of post-concussion...


The Good Soldier

The older I get the more I understand that truth tends to be better shown than spoken, though it goes without saying that words still have their place. The power of action is greater than words. For instance, recently a man talked my ear off...


Motivation as Lover

Motivation is hard for some people. Some folks struggle to get out of bed in the morning let alone get their kids to daycare, go to work, work through their lunch-break in order to meet with a tough client, pick the kids up on the way home...

self harm


When I was a teenager, there was a period in time that I physically harmed myself. I was never extreme as one might think, since even the words self-harm conjure up a thousand horrors, but I got into the habit of getting depressed, purposefully...


An Experiment In Giving

Deep down I can be a real asshole. This is no revelation to some of you, I’m sure. I remember an event when I was nineteen years old. To put some context: nineteen years old, I was living at my parents place. I never graduated with my...