Spencer Richard

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We Are Caterpillars

My daughter, after a long two hours of not being able to have skin-to-skin time with her mother, finally got the opportunity. She was strewn with leads to monitor her heart-rate and breathing, her nose was attached to an oxygen tube that made...


What It Means To Relax

I wonder how many times you do the same thing I do. You get home from work and merrily sit down in front of the TV, unfocus your eyes, and relax. I could browse around StatsCanada and tell you how many hours on average people spend watching...

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Live With Purpose

By all accounts, Auschwitz was one of the most horrible things to happen on the face of this planet. There were other camps as well that employed such egregious methods, such as Dachau, but the one that stands firm in our collective memory is...


Kill Your Distractions

If you have internet, you might be familiar with its ability to be an all powerful distraction machine and/or you are suffering from some kind of procrastination disorder and/or you have not accomplished not even close to as much as you...


Be An Acorn

Have you ever failed before? I know that personally, I fail very often. I fail in my attempts to be a better person. I fail in achieving my goals in the time I set to achieve them. I fail at changing unhealthy attitudes. I fail at realizing how...