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self harm


When I was a teenager, there was a period in time that I physically harmed myself. I was never extreme as one might think, since even the words self-harm conjure up a thousand horrors, but I got into the habit of getting depressed, purposefully...


An Experiment In Giving

Deep down I can be a real asshole. This is no revelation to some of you, I’m sure. I remember an event when I was nineteen years old. To put some context: nineteen years old, I was living at my parents place. I never graduated with my...


We Are Caterpillars

My daughter, after a long two hours of not being able to have skin-to-skin time with her mother, finally got the opportunity. She was strewn with leads to monitor her heart-rate and breathing, her nose was attached to an oxygen tube that made...


What It Means To Relax

I wonder how many times you do the same thing I do. You get home from work and merrily sit down in front of the TV, unfocus your eyes, and relax. I could browse around StatsCanada and tell you how many hours on average people spend watching...


The Return

Life has taken some turns on me lately. I’ll take you to the beginning… Not the literal beginning because I get queasy thinking about that, but rather the beginning of my disappearance from the website. It all starts around the end...